Sassy gets stuff for you.

Images, memes, weather...

...videos, info, whatever.

Sassy does its best...

...but it's still just a bot.


Karma loves to count.

Karma counts anything.

Karma wants you to give.

Karma lets you taketh away.

Karma just wants to count!


Standup likes to listen...

..and it has a good memory.

Add your standup status.

Standup will remember!

Great for remote teams.


Get an address for a room.

You send the address email.

Mailroom shows a preview.

You view it on the web.

You feel great.


Hearsay loves to talk.

You tell it what to hear.

You tell it what to say.

It picks a random reply.

You laugh!


You have refined taste.

You want to drink good beer.

Untappd knows beer.

Untappd helps you find beer.

Untappd wants to drink too!


You mention people.

You want to mention many.

Alias knows groups.

It remembers who's who.

Alias can @ your team.


You have a question.

You know the options.

You want input.

Your team votes.

Polly declares the winner!

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